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D'Sonnwendler Münster

Schuhplattler group from Tyrol

The Schuhplattlergruppe D'Sonnwendler Münster was founded in 1958 and has developed into a folk dance group over the years.  Our main goal is the preservation of customs and traditions, but comradeship within the group is of great importance.

We present our skills as dancers and Schuhplattler at Tyrolean evenings and various events, ranging from driving off from alpine pastures to festivals and film and television recordings. We are not only in Austria, but also internationally on the road.

Are you interested in a traditional Tyrolean evening or do you still need that certain something for your event? Then contact us now by e-mail:


Our next appearances

No news available.

Highlights of the last few years

Here we were already allowed to participate

  • Television shooting of the British TV series "A league of their own", 2019
  • Performance of the "Schwerttanz zu Schwaz" at the closing ceremony of the Maximilian Year, 2019
  • TV shoot "Music in the mountains, 2019
  • Charity performance in Schwaz, 2019
  • Opening and midnight interlude at the Tiroler Ball in Vienna, 2017
  • Anniversary celebration Froschhaxn Express in Steinsberg near Regensburg, 2017
  • Opening of the Youth and Junior Climbing World Championship, 2017
  • Tyrolean festival in Eupen (Belgium), 2016
  • Video shoot with jet lag, 2015
  • Film shooting "The Jump", 2015
  • Part of the Tyrolean delegation at the ceremony of the UNESCO appointment of the "Traunkirchner Mordsg'schicht", 2015

Insights into our club life

Ausflug nach Oberösterreich, 2014
Schulung Unterhaltung und Tanz verbindet, Brandenberg 2019
Verein Fotoshooting 2015
Videodreh Die Fetzig'n aus dem Zillertal 2019
Benefizautritt Schwaz, 2019
Erntedankfest LJ Steinberg am Rofan, 2019
Fernseauftritt Britische TV Serie -  A league of their own 2019
Gremboch Vereinefest Münster - 2019
Punatragen Palmsonntag 2019
Punatragen Palmsonntag 2019
Gremboch Vereinefest Münster - 2019
Gremboch Vereinefest Münster - 2019
Tiroler Abend zum Saisonabschluss 2019 im Hotel Bergkristall, Wildschönau
UTV-Fest 2019, Kitzbühel
Fernsehdreh Musik in den Bergen 2019
Verein Fotoshooting 2015
Verein Fotoshooting 2015
Verein Fotoshooting 2015